Window Furnishings for Your Theatre Room

Interior of modern theatre room

Creating the perfect theatre room for cinematic magic means having complete control over external light and sound. Choosing the right window furnishings can help you with this project as you create an isolated area that goes unaffected by the outside world. In this article, we’re discussing the best window furnishings for theatre rooms in Australia.

Creating Your Own Home Theatre

Due to affordable advancements in technology, home theatre rooms aren’t reserved for the rich anymore. If you’re renovating or building a home, the best way to build a home theatre is by:

  • Building a theatre wing off a family or living room
  • Converting an unused bedroom that is of a good size

You’ll need to enclose the space and add insulation to make sure it remains a comfortable place for the entire family to spend time in without disturbing the rest of the home.

Shop around to find:

  • Wired surround sound
  • A video projector
  • Dimmable lighting
  • Chromecast or a quality streaming device

Comfortable reclining couches

Blocking Out the Light

When you’ve put time, money and effort into creating the perfect area to watch movies in your home, it’s worth completing the effect with heavy curtains. Home theatre curtains look fantastic, recreating the timeless style of a real cinema while ensuring you don’t have any glare on the screen from natural lighting.

Block-out curtains are a great way to control exactly how much light enters a room. Our only advice is to make sure you have them professionally measured and fitted to ensure you get a big enough size. You don’t need to install one, big curtain – your block-out curtains could be made up of several discrete panels to perfectly control the light.

The darker your curtains, the better. When you walk into a cinema room, you should forget whether it is day or night outside.

Sound Control

Sound control is, arguably, the second most important factor of creating a theatre room in your home. Heavy curtains prevent external noise from entering the room while providing acoustic absorption. As much as you don’t want sounds entering the room and disrupting the magic, you also want to isolate the movie noises from exiting.

A theatre room should be as soundproof as possible. When you’re watching a loud action film, the rest of the family don’t want to hear it from the kitchen or the backyard. Heavy, block-out curtains are great for controlling sound as well as light.

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