Support local economy
We support Australian suppliers and manufacturers. All our blinds are manufactured in Australia, we also offer Australian -made shutters and locally-manufactured awnings -made right here on the Gold Coast, Queensland!

Keep jobs in Australia
We also have our own installation team, service team and office staff, with long-term employees. Many of our staff members have been at Modern Blinds for several years, even decades!

Spare parts readily available
Because we use Australian suppliers, we readily have components and parts available on-site or with a short turnaround time. There is no need to wait for parts to arrive from overseas manufacturers.

Quick delivery turn-around
Imported products can take months to arrive in Australia. Because our blinds are made right here in Australia, we can reduce our turnaround times from order to installation.

You can trust the quality of the product
Products manufactured in Australia must adhere to strict safety and building guidelines set by the Australian Standards. Don’t compromise on quality and safety.

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