Unique Ways to Style Your Window Furnishings

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When renovating or building a home, many Australians look for ways to make their interior décor stand out. The simplest way to achieve a unique look is to focus on your blinds and curtains, matching them perfectly with your furniture and decorations.

In this article, we’re exploring a few unique ways to style your high-quality blinds and curtains from Modern Blinds.

Half-Length Curtains for Kitchens

There’s something delightfully provincial about half-length curtains in a kitchen. Choosing a warm, earthy tone will enhance the room while allowing natural light to filter in. This unique style is a great way to make the most of any views you may have from your kitchen sink while protecting the room from harsh UV rays. Sheer curtains from Modern Blinds work perfectly in this application.

Layering Blinds and Curtains

Protect every room in your house by installing blinds for functionality and curtains for décor. This way, you can always leave your curtains open and pulled back to the exact position you prefer. Light-brown or pattered roller blinds paired with cream curtains will create a stunning, multi-faceted appearance for any room, especially lounge rooms and bedrooms.

Vogue Shutters to Maximise Views

Using folding, vogue shutters on the inside of large windows and glass doors will make your home or office look beautiful and sophisticated in a unique way. These shutters are extremely durable, too, (Delete -so you don’t have to worry about breakages). Vogue shutters (Delete -look like painted wood, but they’re) are actually made from materials that don’t warp, crack, fade, chip, or peel away. Add – Available for internal and external applications

Mix and Match Two Different Colours

It’s not always necessary to stick with one colour for your windows and blinds. Pairing two complementary colours together will give any room a burst of colour while modernising it completely. Make sure you take the time to think about your existing décor and choose two colours that won’t clash with your belongings. Soft yellows and blues mesh together well to create a warm, comfortable environment.

Always Choose a High-Quality, Australian Supplier

Unique designs are nothing if they aren’t backed up by quality materials and installations. Modern Blinds will help you choose the perfect window coverings for your needs in Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Get in touch with us by calling (07) 5591 7777 or contacting us online.

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