Panel Glide vs. Vertical Blinds


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For larger areas, such as sliding glass doors and extra-large windows, many choose between stylish panel glide blinds and classic vertical blinds. Both offer versatility and fit well with most decors. Despite this, there are a range of factors that set them apart, making your final choice an important one.

First, let’s have a quick overview of the two types:

Vertical blinds have stacked panels that rotate 180 degrees to open or close, and can be pulled together on one side to completely expose the window or door.

Panel glides are a solid fabric panel that can be stacked for full view.

Here is a closer look at some of the differences and similarities between the two.


Vertical blinds tend to be more cost effective than panel glides. However, both range in price depending on size, fabric, and weighting material. Many use a combination of both with matching colours to strike a balance between cost and style.


Both vertical blinds and panel glides are perfect for glass sliding doors and large windows. Vertical blinds are also common on smaller windows.

Panel glide blinds come in many fabrics that can be matched with existing decor, making them a popular choice for those with a particular style. They are also commonly used as a room divider or closet door for privacy and neatness that is easier to manage than doors and walls. Panel glide blinds bring sophistication and elegance to any room with its simplicity.

Light Control

Vertical blinds are the blind of choice to control light, as every rotation allows for exact modification. You can completely block incoming light which increases privacy, making them an ideal choice for outward facing doors and windows

Panel glides are effective at blocking light and creating privacy depending on the type of fabric you choose. They tend to be less effective at light control than vertical blinds overall, which is why many choose to use them for interior blinds and room dividers.

Temperature Control

Panel glides are better at helping you regulate temperature in your home or office, because they do not transfer as much heat as vertical blinds as they have less blades to allow heat between. Therefore putting less of a demand on A/C systems indoors. To reduce your energy bills and be more environmentally sustainable, consider a panel glide system for rooms with much sunlight.


Vertical blinds are easier to repair, as there are often only one or two vertical panels that need adjustment or replacement. However, both can be repaired by your local blinds installation experts.

Both panel glide blinds and vertical blinds are available for customisation by Modern Blinds. We’ll help you find the perfect style and material to fit your decor and budget.

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