How to Get the Best Out of Your Budget for Window Furnishings

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It’s no secret that updating your entire home’s window furnishings isn’t a cheap task. If you’ve been desperate to update your home and remove old window furnishings, there are ways to make your budget stretch as far as possible. In this article, we’re discussing the most cost-effective ways to renovate your home with blinds and curtains.

1. Keep an Eye Out for Great Deals

There are certain times of the year where major distributors of blinds and curtains put their products on sale. For example, Modern Blinds runs an autumn/winter sale with amazing prices on blinds and shutters. Discount window coverings can save you a great deal of money simply because the supplier was overstocked or a product was discontinued.

2. Opt for More Affordable Materials

Every one knows that the most cost-effective means of purchasing things for your home is by choosing reliable, high-quality materials that won’t need to be replaced for a long time. If you’ve always wanted timber blinds, but they don’t fall within your budget, try a low-maintenance alternative like PVC Visionwood Venetians (Remove -that have the look of natural timber but) are much more affordable.

3. Start with One Room at a Time

Set an ongoing budget for your renovations. It may only be practical to update the window furnishings in one room of your house at a time. Of course, it’s always going to be more expensive to place window coverings in a sunroom with 10 windows than a bathroom. Choose where you will benefit from the updates the most and compartmentalise your project.

4. Choose a Supplier Who Also Installs

Some suppliers of window coverings seem like a great deal because they don’t include installations in their quote. You’ll find yourself spending a lot of your budget on organising your own installer, so it’s always a better option to choose a company that will take care of the entire project for you – from free in-house measurements and no-obligation quotes to high-quality installations and maintenance.

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