Funky Windows – Adding Colourful Shades to Your Home

funky window decoration

Adding window shades is one of the best ways to change the character of your room. Custom designed and easy to install, shades can dramatically lift tired or sparse areas. They provide a physical barrier, they insulate against weather, and they create privacy.  What more could you ask for?

With Modern Blinds, you can have fun with your interior design and really embrace your creative flair.

Shades are not a permanent fixture so you have greater freedom when choosing designs.  Choose something that really suits your lifestyle or commercial aesthetic at this moment in time. Colours are known to influence moods, which can positively impact the feeling of your room. Shades are often used to cover smaller window areas so you can really go for some colourful and innovative designs.

Funky Windows Design Tips

  1. Traditional natural shades are popular in both commercial and residential settings, adding elegance and simplicity. Simple white shades offer a neutral canvas for decorating and promoting calm and order.
  1. For busy areas, don’t be afraid to use your shades as a design feature. There are many striking fabrics available that can really communicate a fun aesthetic. Places like laundries, for example, are often overlooked. Rather than keeping your laundry as a purely utilitarian area, why not add a bright cheery design to your shade fabric. Household chores can be brightened a little with some uplifting or unusual fabric.
  1. Kitchen areas are also a great space for inspiring fabrics. The kitchen is often a hive of activity and a place you come to nourish your family. Bright colours reflect the abundance found naturally in fresh foods and inspire a healthy, happy cooking environment. Kitchen windows are often situated over sink areas and may be somewhere you like a partial view. Sheer or semi-sheer fabric can be used to let the light in while still allowing privacy and some glamorous decoration.
  1. Rooms in both residential and commercial spaces are often styled on an aesthetic that shades can tap into and enhance. If you have a modern layout with the latest appliances, contemporary fabric will finish the look. A more rustic style of space can be nurtured with natural fabrics while a busy family kitchen may suit something bright and cheerful.

Choosing your own fabric and having your blinds custom made is a lot of fun. It’s also the perfect way to make any space feel like your own. If you have a special nostalgic yearning for vintage roses, bold retro lines, or rich bohemian colours, look into how you can express this in your window coverings.

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