Folding Arm Awning

One of our most popular awnings, our Folding Arm Awnings act to extend your outdoor living area. The awning can then be extended or retracted by either a manual crank drive, or motorised – either way the awning can be fully extended or only partially extended. Available for a variety of uses, they can be up manufactured up to 18m wide and3.6m projection. Optional extras include wind and sun sensors for peace of mind when you are not home.

Available in a range of fabric including Draylon, Canvas, Vinyl or Mesh. In most instances, Drayon is preferred for it’s durable qualities.

Modern Blinds is confident in customising our Awnings to suit your needs. For more information of our extensive range of Awnings please fill in the enquiry form on the right hand side or call us on 07 5591 7777 (Gold Coast) or  07 3290 5777 (Brisbane).

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