Eco-Friendly Window Furnishings

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When the environment is a major player in your decisions around the home, it’s comforting to know there are options available for eco-friendly window furnishings. Insulation and light control will help you save energy and money, and choosing renewable materials will make your home an environmentally conscious haven.

In this article, we’re discussing the best eco-friendly window furnishings in Brisbane & the Gold Coast and how they’ll help you minimise your environmental impact.

Finding Renewable Materials for Your Blinds

Products made from renewable resources are known for their quality and lifespan. When you avoid plastics in your window furnishings, you’re minimising the chances of adding to landfill. On average, plastic takes 1,000 years to break down in landfill, whereas timber products are recyclable. At Modern Blinds, we have a timber options available in shutters and blinds.

Timber Eco Shutters

Our timber eco shutters are made from a fine selection of Paulownia timbers that are kiln-dried to ensure long-lasting durability. The best thing about this environmentally friendly option is the wide variety of design choices, so you can match your timber shutters to your home.

Available in both 63mm and 89mm blades with a variety of colours, including a range of speciality wood grains that can enhance both traditional and modern homes.

Timber Venetian Blinds

The timber venetian range from Modern Blinds includes lacquered aromatic cedar in 46mm (Remove –slates) (Add – slats)(Remove all Abachi – Discontinued and Abachi in 50mm slats. Abachi is an environmentally sustainable alternative to basswood, typically seen as the lightest weight hardwood. You can choose from a range of stains to perfectly suit your home.) (Add – Visionwood Venetians PVC not affected by moisture)

Insulation and Reduced Energy Usage

The most important part of choosing sustainable products is knowing they are of a high enough quality to last for many years to come. Studies have found that homes lose about 30% of their heating through uncovered windows. All window coverings from Modern Blinds will reduce your home’s energy loss through the windows which, in turn, lowers your heating and cooling costs.

You can make your curtains and blinds work for you throughout the year by strategically opening and closing them to suit the external temperature. On sunny winter’s days, open your blinds and allow the morning sun to work its magic. In summer, keep sun-facing window coverings closed to reduce heat gain, working with your desired amount of natural light.

Window Coverings to Support the Planet

There are small adjustments we can all make to our day-to-day lives to help support climate change efforts around the world. Being thoughtful about how we spend our money and buying higher quality items will help reduce our massive pollution problem.

To learn more about eco-friendly, timber options from Modern Blinds in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, don’t hesitate to speak to the team. Get in touch with us by calling (07) 5591 7777 or contacting us online.

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