Safety Awareness for Blinds & Curtain Cords

Every parent with a young child knows all too well that child safety is an around-the-clock job. Everything has to be safe; because for young children, everything is a potential risk.

When the risk factor issue is the safety of blinds and curtain cords for young children, it is critically important that parents are fully aware of the possible risks and know how to deal with these risks. The sad truth is that hundreds of children have died and been seriously injured as a result of misadventures with blinds and curtain cords.

Around the world, legislators, blind and curtain manufacturers and distributors have started an all-out effort to inform parents of potential risks and safety measures to prevent injuries and deaths. The good news for parents is that risk prevention and safety measures are easy and simple.

Blind and Curtain Cord Safety Risks for Children

The usual cause of safety issues is a combination of adventurous kids and on-site risks. If curtain cords are easily accessible, children tend to play with them and fall or collide with furniture or breakable objects.

Best practice to prevent injury is to ensure that cords are not easily accessible and secure. It’s also advisable to move climbable objects like furniture and tables away from your curtains and blinds.

Another worthwhile option is to simply modify your curtains and blinds for remote control operation or “wands” which don’t use cords.  If you’re thinking of upgrading your blinds and curtains, this method of operation is also excellent for managing light and shade. Consider switching to the more modern blinds and curtains, and you can eliminate the risks of cords altogether. 

Childproofing Your Blinds and Curtains

The major issue for parents is making sure they are taking the right steps when childproofing curtains and blinds. If you’re not sure how to manage safety risks in your location, it’s a good idea to speak to your local manufacturer or distributor about your needs.

Please also be aware that some safety risks are not obvious. Older kids may find a way of accessing curtain cords for themselves. It is very important to ensure that cords are fully secure and absolutely childproof at all times. If you’re not sure what safety measures to take, speak to your local suppliers. They will be able to advise you and provide useful tips regarding childproofing your blinds and curtains.

Talk to Us About Your Child Safety Needs

Modern Blinds is fully supportive and actively involved in this important new approach to child safety. If you would like assistance with managing safety requirements for your blinds and curtains in Brisbane, we’ll be happy to assist.

For more information, and to check out the latest child safety modern blinds in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, please contact us online or by phone. Also please be sure to see our handy brochure on basic child safety tips for curtains and blinds cords.

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