Colour Matching Your Window Furnishings to Your Home

Fancy apartment living room interior with large floor to ceiling window blinds and soft grey modular sofa

There’s more to choosing window furnishings than simply deciding between blinds and curtains. The window coverings in your home add to your styling and décor, and they can either make a statement or blend into the background.

The colour of your window furnishings will enhance the feel of your home, which is why Modern Blinds has created this helpful guide to matching the colour of your blinds and curtains to the rest of your house.

Adding Light with White Blinds and Curtains

It’s no accident that the most popular shade for window furnishings is white – closely followed by cream. Light-coloured blinds and curtains will allow more light to enter a room, making them perfect for sophisticated kitchens and living rooms that require additional light. If you typically wake up early, light window coverings in the bedroom will create a minimalist style with clean lines.

Roman Blinds are perfect for matching styles because of the huge range of options available. They also look great in modern and traditional homes!

Modernise Your Home with Bold Colours

If you’ve decided to make your windows the focal point of a room, adding a burst of colour is a perfect way to make them stand out. Make sure you match the colour of your window furnishings with the décor of the room. If you have paintings or trinkets in a certain colour, matching them to your blinds will make them stand out.

Choose an Overall Theme for Your Home

The homes you see in designer magazines always stick to an overall theme. If you’re going for a beachy look, choose soft blues and yellows that match the natural landscape. A country-themed home will benefit from earthy colours. Create a vision board of ideas and try not to mix multiple styles together in order to create a unified appearance.

Don’t Add Too Many Different Colours

The biggest mistake homeowners make it adding too many colours to one room. No matter how varied your tastes are, it’s very hard to pull off a mixture of colours in a small space. A general rule of thumb is sticking to three colours at the maximum. Either choose bright, bold colours for modern rooms or lighter colours for a relaxed look.

Choose Custom-Made Curtains and Blinds

Buying pre-made window coverings may result in an oddly matched room. The best choice is opting for custom-made curtains or tailored blinds that are the exact shade, texture and size that your home needs. Modern Blinds has a huge range of colours available that will perfectly match your window coverings to your home décor.

Get in Touch for a Consultation

It’s important to remember that the style and colour of your window furnishings will affect the entire feel of your home. Take your time and make the right choice so you will be happy living with the same blinds and curtains for many years.

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