Adding Window Furnishings to a Heritage Home

Heritage home

If you’re lucky enough to live in the splendour of a heritage home, you don’t want to spoil its appeal by having ill-suited window furnishings. Modern window furnishings might turn your lovely heritage home into something out of a catalogue.

Here are a few ideas for the kinds of window furnishings that are more appropriate for a heritage home.



Shutters have been used in homes for centuries, so there’s no need to avoid them. However, you should be careful that the material and colour employed fit seamlessly with the rest of the heritage look.

A great idea to consider is our Luxurywood Shutters. These combine the benefits of modern technology with a classic wooden look. They are made of the finest selection of Paulownia timbers and are kiln-dried to a precise degree to ensure their long lasting stability. We offer a selection of speciality timber grains so they can be matched to the surrounding surfaces and structures of your heritage home.



Roller blinds can be a great choice for your heritage home while still retaining the ease of modern use. Be sure to select a fabric and colour scheme that complements the overall heritage look.

Modern Blinds are confident that we can customise our range of roller blinds to suit your needs, whether it is the shape, style, colour, or material. Matching the right fabrics to the other fabrics and carpets in your house is the key, and we have a great team of experts who will be able to offer experienced direction.



Curtains are one of those window furnishings that seem peculiarly adapted to their time and place.

At the same time, the heavier curtains of a heritage home may not be ideally suited to the hot climate of Queensland (often designed as they were for cooler England).

We are happy to work with you to develop and customise curtains that strike the right balance of historical appropriateness and contemporary functionality.



Awnings are another feature of a home that just seem to ‘scream’ a particular period or style. For instance, a fixed frame hood for an outdoor veranda or framing a grand old window, can add a particular feel for a period.

We are happy to work with you on the frame and fabric and find the right style of awning to bring out the best in your home.

The team at Modern Blinds has a vast experience across many years and many homes. Bring your heritage team to live with our exciting window furnishings. Contact us today!

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