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Guest bedroom

Setting Up a Guest Bedroom

It’s always nice to have a guest bedroom well organised for when you have friends over, or on the off chance you have an unexpected visitor. Unlike our own bedrooms, which we use every day, it can be hard to remember to accommodate for everything your guest might need or want in a bedroom. While we figure out what we need and want over time as we use our own bedrooms, it’s easy to forget obvious things that will make your guest’s stay more comfortable because of how rarely you enter that room. Continue reading Setting Up a Guest Bedroom

Close up of roller blind

What Are Modern Blinds?

Brisbane locals know what it’s like to walk into an old Queenslander where there seems to be no light. Gone are the days of heavy, cumbersome curtains that shut out the light and the personality from your home. Today’s modern homeowner wants not only to regulate light flow, but also to add style without sacrificing the functionality of their home. Modern homes are equipped with all kinds of sliding doors, variable sized doorways, and complex architectural configurations that require tailored blind solutions to match. Continue reading What Are Modern Blinds?

Cheap, broken and warped blinds that need to be fixed

Window Coverings – Why Quality is More Important than Cost

The costs involved in building or renovating a home can quickly add up, blowing out the budget and causing undue stress. When it comes to installing window coverings, the best way to be economically efficient is to ensure you have high-quality treatments that won’t need to be replaced further down the road. We’ve broken down some key considerations on why you should opt for quality over price when covering your windows.

Continue reading Window Coverings – Why Quality is More Important than Cost