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Awnings by modern blinds

Top 5 Reasons to Reskin Your Awning

Awnings form an important part of our outdoor aesthetics and they have quite a job to do as well. If you have an awning that could do with a bit of TLC, it may be that it needs reskinning. Australian weather conditions impact greatly on our homes and it is not surprising that awnings become tired looking or even damaged.

Reskinning is the easy and affordable way to fix your awnings without having to replace them. Here are 5 reasons to consider reskinning for your home or commercial environment.


Queensland weather can be unpredictable and storms are common during many parts of the year. As awnings are outdoor fixtures, they often endure the most forceful weather. But damaged awnings do not need to mean expensive and time-consuming replacements. Awnings can simply be reskinned. This allows the weather-damaged fabric on your awning to be replaced, rather than the entire structure.


Reskinning is a great opportunity to update your awnings and transform the exterior appearance of your home. Awnings can be used to create an entirely new look. As awnings make up the façade of the house, replacing these will give the whole place a facelift


Awnings often come in bright, striking patterns and look fantastic when they are fresh. But after years in the weather, it is only natural that they can begin to look tired. Reskinning an awning is an affordable and rewarding means of restoring them as a feature you can be proud of and enjoy in your home or business.


Mould or mildew stains are sometimes unavoidable when your fabric is exposed to weather. They can be hard to remove completely and can make the awning appear drab and neglected. Mould spores in fabric can also spread to other parts of the building.  Restoring awning fabric is a positive and healthy enhancement for your property.


If you have recently redecorated, painted, or added garden features, it may be that your awnings no longer match the new ambience you have created. A refurbished garden filled with bird-attracting natives and an elegant water feature isn’t going to look its best with tired, dated awnings. Clean simple colours can easily be fixed to your existing awning mechanism to complete your new look. 

Reskinning is Easy!

If the awning structure itself hasn’t been damaged, the process of reskinning is uncomplicated. You simply choose fabric from our wide range of choices and swap out your existing material.

Awning fabrics are designed in a spectrum of colours, from neutral tones such as light grey, beige or cream to the brightly coloured festive styles and classic stripes that bring energy and individuality to your outdoor areas. If you feel it’s time to revive your awning, this might be a great opportunity to create a new energy around your outdoor areas.

Reskinning an awning is an affordable and rewarding process, with some inspiring design benefits. Contact us today and we can talk you through the reskinning process, costs, and your design options.

funky window decoration

Funky Windows – Adding Colourful Shades to Your Home

Adding window shades is one of the best ways to change the character of your room. Custom designed and easy to install, shades can dramatically lift tired or sparse areas. They provide a physical barrier, they insulate against weather, and they create privacy.  What more could you ask for?

With Modern Blinds, you can have fun with your interior design and really embrace your creative flair.

Shades are not a permanent fixture so you have greater freedom when choosing designs.  Choose something that really suits your lifestyle or commercial aesthetic at this moment in time. Colours are known to influence moods, which can positively impact the feeling of your room. Shades are often used to cover smaller window areas so you can really go for some colourful and innovative designs.

Funky Windows Design Tips

  1. Traditional natural shades are popular in both commercial and residential settings, adding elegance and simplicity. Simple white shades offer a neutral canvas for decorating and promoting calm and order.
  1. For busy areas, don’t be afraid to use your shades as a design feature. There are many striking fabrics available that can really communicate a fun aesthetic. Places like laundries, for example, are often overlooked. Rather than keeping your laundry as a purely utilitarian area, why not add a bright cheery design to your shade fabric. Household chores can be brightened a little with some uplifting or unusual fabric.
  1. Kitchen areas are also a great space for inspiring fabrics. The kitchen is often a hive of activity and a place you come to nourish your family. Bright colours reflect the abundance found naturally in fresh foods and inspire a healthy, happy cooking environment. Kitchen windows are often situated over sink areas and may be somewhere you like a partial view. Sheer or semi-sheer fabric can be used to let the light in while still allowing privacy and some glamorous decoration.
  1. Rooms in both residential and commercial spaces are often styled on an aesthetic that shades can tap into and enhance. If you have a modern layout with the latest appliances, contemporary fabric will finish the look. A more rustic style of space can be nurtured with natural fabrics while a busy family kitchen may suit something bright and cheerful.

Choosing your own fabric and having your blinds custom made is a lot of fun. It’s also the perfect way to make any space feel like your own. If you have a special nostalgic yearning for vintage roses, bold retro lines, or rich bohemian colours, look into how you can express this in your window coverings.

For more information on how to create funky windows contact us today.

All about Roller Blinds

When it comes to window coverings, rollers are still one of the most popular choices in both residential and commercial premises. The sleek design and simple operating systems make these blinds practical, elegant, and affordable.

Modern Blinds offer rollers in a captivating array of fabric designs so you can match your window coverings to your interior décor.

Here are 5 tips for choosing new Rollers for your home or business.

1. Function

When choosing your fabric and design, consider the main function of the blind. If you are installing blinds in an area requiring higher levels of privacy and insulation, a block out fabric will give the maximum effect. If you are using roller blinds to dress up a window, you can consider a sheer decorative fabric This way, the blinds will protect your window area while allowing filtered light in.

2. Style

Rollers in bright cheerful designs can be used in kitchen and laundry areas to create a personalised ambience. Vintage fabrics can brighten corners while cheerful designs can be used in kid’s rooms for a pop of colour. Elegant white blinds in the sitting room, study or a commercial setting can really enhance the space while offering respite from harsh sunlight as well as privacy.

3. Mechanism

If operating the blinds is a concern for you, Modern Blinds has simple motorised systems to choose from for optimum convenience.

4. Control

Modern Blinds is now offering the new Vision Roller. This innovative design allows you to choose between a complete privacy screen and a partial filter. By alternating the density of fabric slats from sheer to block-out, you can manage the function of your blinds depending on your daily needs.

5. Protection

Blinds in the right places not only keep the temperatures more manageable, they also protect furniture and décor. Prolonged exposure to the sun can fade your cherished belongings. Once you have blinds installed, you can place furniture, paintings and other possessions closer to covered windows where they may be best suited.
Whether you want your blinds for the day time or night, for motorised or manual use, the team at Modern Blinds can help you. Our experienced providers also provide blockout roller blinds and a range of different fabrics. Contact us today to discuss the best roller blinds for your home or business in Brisbane, on the Gold Coast, or beyond!

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How to Achieve Beautiful Windows in Your Home

Windows frame our external world, inviting it into our homes. They are positioned in areas where we can maximise views, breeze, and light. As such windows are both functional as well as a design feature in our homes.

A window can lift a dreary room, make spaces feel bigger and let in the fresh air. But it can also let in the noise, inclement weather and it can put our homes on display to the outside world.

To create a feeling of privacy while still enjoying one of the best features of your home, choosing the right windows coverings is essential. If you have windows that are looking tired or dated, new window coverings can transform them in an instant.

Contemporary Design Features

Window coverings have come a long way. Innovative designs in coverings mean dressing up windows has become one of the most rewarding parts of interior decorating. Modern Blinds’ window coverings are custom made so you can choose the colours, styles and designs you desire to match your lifestyle needs.

Visionwood Venetians

Visionwood Venetians are a practical and stylish alternative to wood and they’re perfect for Queensland weather conditions. Our Woodnature range gives blinds a timber look without the challenges that sometimes come with timber blinds. In areas experiencing humidity and high traffic, a durable and easy to clean material keeps blinds looking their best. Visionwood blinds are also resistant to the cracking, fading and warping that can happen when timber is exposed to direct sun or too much moisture.

Timber Venetians

This is a classic style that brings a natural elegance to windows, especially aluminium frames. Timber goes beautifully with most colours and styles, making this a highly adaptable décor option. Timber also frames natural settings beautifully.

Panel Glides

Panel Glides are a versatile, innovative development in interior design. In the tradition of vertical blinds, the panels cover large areas requiring shielding and are easy to operate, opening from the left, right or centre.

The glides come with their own hanging mechanism and are available in a range of colours, patterns, and styles. For classic elegance, simple white glides are perfect. To create warmth and a natural ambience, Sunscreen or light filtering fabrics are stunning, allowing light to filter through while still offering some level of privacy. Panel Glides are also popular as a room divider.

 Roller Blinds

These are practical and affordable, and they can be custom designed to match your interior décor. Rollers offer insulation and privacy while remaining sleek and unobtrusive.  Bright or patterned designs are available as well as the new Vision design, which alternates sheer and block-out fabric slats so you can control the level of light filtration.


Curtains are still one of the most effective and popular ways of transforming a room. Dramatic and rich or simple and sheer, they are durable and easy to care for. Curtains should you wish to re-arrange things, and they soften a window area perfectly with movement and flow.

Sturdy curtains offer protection from weather and can fill a wide space. Custom made curtains mean you can have the exact width and length that you need, making it easy to transform your space instantly.

Modern Blinds are experienced providers of window coverings from the Gold Coast to Brisbane and beyond. We offer a range of innovative designs that can be custom fitted to your windows and sliding doors. Contact us today for more information on the latest window coverings.

window coverings in queensland

The Best Window Coverings for Queensland Weather

Queensland is known for its long summers, seasonal storms, and wet weather. Protection against the elements is a common concern for customers. Making the right choice in the beginning will ensure your window coverings remain functional, attractive, and manageable over time. Smart window covering choices will also keep heating and cooling in your home effective, affordable, and environmentally sound.

Here is an overview of some of the weather conditions in Queensland and how our window coverings can help.

Insulation for Heat and Cold

Insulation is a key consideration in Queensland climates. Many homes have single glazed windows and in most cases, these cannot be double glazed without great expense.Blinds will keep your home cooler for longer during summer.

When temperatures drop in winter, the insulation offered by blinds will keep your rooms cosy. Available in a wide range of colours and designs so you don’t have to compromise on style, blinds are a great choice for both residential and commercial premises.

Light Filtering

Blinds and sheer curtains can soften a window area while still allowing light into the room. The right materials add a physical barrier against weather and also help to create a cooler look from the inside. Blinds and curtains are available in block-out, light filtering, or sunscreen fabrics so you can choose the degree of protection you need. Selecting shades in lighter colours such as whites, blues, greys, and greens will keep the room feeling cooler.

Catching the Breeze

Contemporary homes are often designed with air flow in mind. Venetian blinds are ideal in areas that are designed to catch the breeze while still providing privacy and protection.

The Venetians from Modern Blinds now come in a Woodnature range, giving your home the look of wooden blinds while offering protection from moisture in the air. Made from PVC, Venetians are easy to clean and they are also warp and fade-resistant; this makes them perfect for the Queensland climate!

Open plan living spaces are a design often favoured in tropical environments. But if you require more privacy, you may wish to consider Panel Glides. These are an ideal room divider, with a softer aesthetic than an internal wall. Panel Glides keep renovating costs down and as they are not a permanent fixture, allowing for change and movement should you wish to re-arrange things. Panel Glides can also be used over windows and sliding doors.

Block-Out the Sun

Some rooms in your home or building may be exposed to relentless sun and retain a lot of heat. In these cases, a block-out covering is a good option. A Roller Blind or curtains in a block-out fabric will keep the rooms cool and dark during harsh weather, and they can simply be opened again when it starts to cool down.


Humidity is another concern for Queenslanders. It can be combated by choosing coverings that are durable and easily cleaned. If you live in a humid area, Plantation Shutters or Venetians are a great option as they allow air to flow through the slats. Visionwood and Clifton Shutters perform brilliantly in humid conditions and are easy to clean and operate.


The harsh sun can cause fabrics to fade. If you have an exposed area, keep this in mind when choosing your blinds. Visionwood Venetians will not fade, while blinds made in awhite or light shade will also reflect the light and heat.

Modern Blinds are experienced providers of window coverings from the Gold Coast to Brisbane and beyond. We offer a range of innovative designs that can be custom fitted to your windows and sliding doors, minimising the impact of weather on your home or business. To talk through your options, contact us today.

Safety Awareness for Blinds & Curtain Cords

Every parent with a young child knows all too well that child safety is an around-the-clock job. Everything has to be safe; because for young children, everything is a potential risk.

When the risk factor issue is the safety of blinds and curtain cords for young children, it is critically important that parents are fully aware of the possible risks and know how to deal with these risks. The sad truth is that hundreds of children have died and been seriously injured as a result of misadventures with blinds and curtain cords.

Around the world, legislators, blind and curtain manufacturers and distributors have started an all-out effort to inform parents of potential risks and safety measures to prevent injuries and deaths. The good news for parents is that risk prevention and safety measures are easy and simple.

Blind and Curtain Cord Safety Risks for Children

The usual cause of safety issues is a combination of adventurous kids and on-site risks. If curtain cords are easily accessible, children tend to play with them and fall or collide with furniture or breakable objects.

Best practice to prevent injury is to ensure that cords are not easily accessible and secure. It’s also advisable to move climbable objects like furniture and tables away from your curtains and blinds.

Another worthwhile option is to simply modify your curtains and blinds for remote control operation or “wands” which don’t use cords.  If you’re thinking of upgrading your blinds and curtains, this method of operation is also excellent for managing light and shade. Consider switching to the more modern blinds and curtains, and you can eliminate the risks of cords altogether. 

Childproofing Your Blinds and Curtains

The major issue for parents is making sure they are taking the right steps when childproofing curtains and blinds. If you’re not sure how to manage safety risks in your location, it’s a good idea to speak to your local manufacturer or distributor about your needs.

Please also be aware that some safety risks are not obvious. Older kids may find a way of accessing curtain cords for themselves. It is very important to ensure that cords are fully secure and absolutely childproof at all times. If you’re not sure what safety measures to take, speak to your local suppliers. They will be able to advise you and provide useful tips regarding childproofing your blinds and curtains.

Talk to Us About Your Child Safety Needs

Modern Blinds is fully supportive and actively involved in this important new approach to child safety. If you would like assistance with managing safety requirements for your blinds and curtains in Brisbane, we’ll be happy to assist.

For more information, and to check out the latest child safety modern blinds in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, please contact us online or by phone. Also please be sure to see our handy brochure on basic child safety tips for curtains and blinds cords.

Why Buy Australian Made Window Coverings?

Australian made logo

As a consumer, you always have a choice in the type of product you buy. You can choose to give your money to whomever you like based on your own values and desires. While you may initially be drawn to products that are produced abroad, and are therefore cheaper, it is important to take a step back and think about the consequences behind buying products that aren’t made in Australian. Better yet, let’s take a look at the benefits.

At Modern Blinds, we sell a range of Australian-made shutters and blinds, many of which are made right here in Queensland. We service Brisbane and the Gold Coast and want our customers and our neighbours to understand why we choose to buy Australian-made, and why you should, too. 

Support Locally Manufactured Businesses

It’s much easier to form an emotional and commercial connection to products that are made at home by someone like you. But did you know that it’s also good for Australia, and by association, good for you? A recent study published by the Industry Capability Network demonstrates that for every $1 million of new or retained manufacturing businesses in Australia, there is $333,900 worth of tax revenue generated, among other benefits. 

Trusted Quality of Goods

When something is made to Australian standards of quality, you can trust that you’re getting the best of the best. Most, if not all, Australian products come with comprehensive warranties, so you know that you’re protected and ensured the best quality. Our Vogue Shutters – made in Queensland for example, are backed by our 20-year warranty.

In addition, you’ll find that when you buy Aussie-made, the people you purchase goods from will have a better knowledge of their products. After all, these retailers are more likely to have a relationship with the people who made the product. Local Australian manufacturers often take the time to get to know their customers too. 

Good for Community

When you purchase Australian-made products, your purchasing behaviour as a consumer directly affects local employment, economic development and prosperity. You can rest assured that you’re helping to keep your friends, your family and your community happily employed when you buy Australian made.

Better for the Environment

If you are purchasing locally, you can be sure that the company you’re buying from is also purchasing locally, which means less transportation and less environmental impact. You will contribute less to the urban sprawl, congestion, loss of habitat and especially pollution.

Modern Blinds provides Australian-made blinds and shutters for Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Contact us today for an in-house consultation or a free quote!

Choosing Shutters for Your Home


Do you want to enhance the design and privacy of your home and get greater control over your light and ventilation? All of this may sound hard but it’s actually achievable through the strategic use of shutters. At Modern Blinds, we provide Brisbane and Gold Coast homes and offices with the latest in shutter styles and trends. If you’re considering adding a functional accessory to your home or office, check out our rundown on the different styles of shutters that you can choose between.

Clifton – Versatility is Standard

The Clifton shutters are a popular choice of plantation shutter for homes and businesses. Not only are they stylish, they are also available in a range of classic white shades and in many different configurations. From bi-fold to hinged, to sliding, these shutters are versatile and incredibly practical. With the Clifton range, you can expect incredible insulation properties and a durable finish that won’t crack, peel or fade. These are the perfect range for the Australian climate, as they are also moisture-repelling and termite-proof.

Aluminium Shutters – Sleek and Dependable

With our aluminium shutters, you can enjoy sleek sophistication and elegant style in any contemporary home. Our range consists of four UV powder-coated finishes in Pearl White, White Birch, Precious Silver and Black. These colours won’t fade, warp or crack over time, regardless of Australia’s harsh conditions. The T5 aluminium that makes up these blinds is known for incredible strength and durability making this product suitable for internal and external installation.

Sherwood – the Classic Wooden Look

Our Sherwoods are made of high-quality Basswood timbers. They are kiln-dried to a precise percentage so that their stability lasts as long as possible. Better still, you get a great view through the panel width because the strength of the louvres allows for a larger panel.

Vogue – Virtually Maintenance Free

Vogue shutters are made from a polyresin compound that is highly technologically advanced. When you combine the material with a polysatin finish, which can work in any home from contemporary to traditional. The shutters will not warp, crack, fade, peel or even discolour under intense sunlight or water exposure making this product suitable for internal and external installation.

The Vogue shutters are also available in three elegant shades of white, so you can match them to any home or room. Choose between a stylish range of valances, frames, tasteful hinges and louvre sizes.

Interested in fitting your home or office out with shutters? Get in touch with Modern Blinds today. We can schedule an on-site consultation and measurement, along with a quote – and it’s all obligation-free.

How to Clean Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds can add a lot of functionality and privacy to your home. They help to control the light in the room and assist with general ventilation. It’s very easy to forget to clean your blinds. After all there are many areas of your home that need cleaning and some of these seem much more important. And really, not many people look forward to trying to navigate the bendable slats and manipulate the delicate strings.

At Modern Blinds, we are the experts when it comes to making, installing and maintaining a range of blinds. We have a technique that makes cleaning your venetian blinds a quick and relatively painless process and we want to share it with you!

Get Your Supplies Ready

If you want to get a move on cleaning your venetian blinds, you’ll need the right equipment. Get together:

  • A sheet or towels
  • A sponge or a soft cleansing brush
  • A vacuum with a brush-head attachment, or a duster or just a soft cloth
  • A mild detergent like dishwashing liquid

How to Clean Your Blinds

The first thing you’ll want to do is place the sheet or towels under the blinds so that you can contain any mess or dirt that comes off them when you start cleaning.

Next, get your cloth, duster or vacuum to remove any loose dust or dirt from the slats of the blinds. First turn the slats up and clean them, then turn them down and do the same.

Once you’ve done this, you can wipe them down with a damp cloth. If your blinds are wooden, this is the final step. If they are metal or plastic, which is far more common, you’ll need to remove them from the window. This sounds more daunting than it is. Removing blinds from the window involves just a simple movement of unhooking them from their mount.

Use your damp sponge on your blinds with cold soapy water. Warm or hot water will warp your slats, so make sure the water you use to clean them is cold. Ensure that you’ve thoroughly cleaned both sides of the blinds as well as the cords. 

Hang Them Back Up

Once you’ve finished cleaning and drying your blinds, the next step is to re-hang them up. A light spray of anti-static furniture polish over the slats will help you make sure that dust doesn’t accumulate as easily on your freshly cleaned blinds.

Interested in investing in some new blinds or shutters? Modern Blinds in Brisbane and the Gold Coast has the window solutions for you. Get in touch with us today for a free measurement and quote!

Now Is the Best Time to Order Awnings


A big part of the Australian lifestyle is enjoying life outdoors, whether that be at one of the beautiful beaches along the Gold Coast, in our stunning national parks, or even in the comfort of our own homes. However, the harsh Australian climate can make enjoying being outside a bit of a mission. That’s why you should invest in awnings for your home or business this winter so they’re ready in time for a splendid summer. You’ll enjoy the amazing weather while protecting yourself and those around you from intense UV rays and sunlight, as well as other elements.

If you’re considering enhancing your backyard or outdoor space this summer by investing in some high-quality awnings, the best time to do it is now!

Off-Season Means Less Competition

In the winter months, nobody is thinking about how hot and uncomfortable they are going to be in the summer. All they’re thinking about is how to stay warm and how many days until our summer arrives. So while everyone else is simply thinking in terms of fantasy, you could be smart and get ahead of the game by ordering your awnings for your home.

Have Your Backyard Ready for Summer

Aside from all of the incentives in the form of sales, another great reason to purchase and install awnings is because you’ll have the time to set up your backyard or outdoor space the way you want it in time for spring and summer. By thinking ahead, you’ll be ready to go when the hotter days come around and you won’t be waiting in the heat of the sun for someone to deliver and install your awnings.

Awnings are an Excellent Option

At the end of the day, awnings are a great investment for your home whenever you choose to buy them. They can add value to your home, reduce solar heat, and they can even be retracted in winter to let the sun shine in.

Check out our sales at Modern Blinds in Brisbane and the Gold Coast for shutters, blinds and awnings. Give us a call today to schedule an obligation-free consultation, measurement and quote!