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Venetian blinds

A Short and Brief History of Window Furnishings

Windows are as old as the dwellings they serve. Over the centuries and millennia humans have always tried to strike a balance between style and functionality in their window furnishings, because a home is not only where we do work but also where we relax. Whether it was blinds made of reeds in Ancient Egypt for Pharaohs, or modern day aluminium shutters protecting a Queensland home – window furnishings have a rich and storied history. Continue reading A Short and Brief History of Window Furnishings

Wooden shutters

Add Value to Your Property with the Right Window Furnishings

Window furnishings can make a massive difference when it comes to selling your home. Window furnishings regulate the light and the heat in your home, which massively impact how everything else in your house appears and feels to potential buyers. Not only that, but their style, functionality and the added security they bring to a property can make all the difference – and lead to several competitive buyers, boosting the value of your home in excess of the cost it took to refurbish all your window furnishings. Continue reading Add Value to Your Property with the Right Window Furnishings

Guest bedroom

Setting Up a Guest Bedroom

It’s always nice to have a guest bedroom well organised for when you have friends over, or on the off chance you have an unexpected visitor. Unlike our own bedrooms, which we use every day, it can be hard to remember to accommodate for everything your guest might need or want in a bedroom. While we figure out what we need and want over time as we use our own bedrooms, it’s easy to forget obvious things that will make your guest’s stay more comfortable because of how rarely you enter that room. Continue reading Setting Up a Guest Bedroom


Discover Dazzling Modern Style Veri Shades® Blinds

You may have seen Veri Shades® on TV, or online. Veri Shades® blinds are stylish, innovative blinds which offer the elegant look of curtains combined with the functionality and versatility of blinds.

These unique ‘clever curtain’ blinds are created from a soft but strong material that hangs beautifully like curtains. The big difference is that they also act like blinds for easy adjustment, better light filtration and airflow management. These are true modern blinds, with no clumsy weights or other handling issues. You can actually walk through Veri Shades®, whatever configuration you use.

Veri Shades® are famous for their stylish looks, durability, and very low maintenance needs. Their classic good looks are ideal for any environment, home, or business. The two sided folds can be changed from translucent to opaque with a simple twist of the guide wand.

Veri Shades® are child and pet safe, and come in a wide range of colours, styles, and sizes to suit any environment and any kind of décor.

Close up of roller blind

What Are Modern Blinds?

Brisbane locals know what it’s like to walk into an old Queenslander where there seems to be no light. Gone are the days of heavy, cumbersome curtains that shut out the light and the personality from your home. Today’s modern homeowner wants not only to regulate light flow, but also to add style without sacrificing the functionality of their home. Modern homes are equipped with all kinds of sliding doors, variable sized doorways, and complex architectural configurations that require tailored blind solutions to match. Continue reading What Are Modern Blinds?